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ANIARA: Fragments of Time and Space (European première) - LAST TICKETS


The Crossing Choir


Donald Nally, dirigent


Carl Alm, acteur
Matti Reita, acteur
Ted Babcock, slagwerk
David Kweksilber, klarinet
Paul van Utrecht, gitaar
Hans Woudenberg, cello


Another European première for the Choral Biennale
After the sensational Human Requiem(2015) and Anthracite Fields(2017) the Choral Biennale will again make history by presenting the European première of one of the most ambitious experiments in staged choral music in recent times: ANIARA.
This production, presented at the Toneelschuur and in collaboration with the Stadsschouwburg, is themust-see event of the 10thChoral Biennale.  ANIARA is not only a 90-minute multi-media choral spectacle, involving film, actors, choreography, 4 instrumentalists and 16 singers performing from memory, it marks the European debut of The Crossing, the USA’s most innovative professional chamber choir. The piece is mounted together with Helsinki’s Klockriketeatern, a theatre company renowned for its vibrant, visually stunning performances.
ANIARA is adapted from the epic poem by Nobel Prize winning writer Harry Martinsen, published in 1956. It tells the story – in 104 short verses - of a spaceship compelled to leave a polluted and uninhabitable Earth in search of a new habitat.  During the flight the spaceship loses course, heading for the vastness of outer space, all hopes of a new future lost. One of the attractions of the story for Dan Henriksson (Klockriketeatern) and Donald Nally (The Crossing) was the uncanny topicality of this story. Grave threats to the survival of our planet are no longer science-fiction.
The Crossing will join forces with a small ensemble of Dutch musicians for this unmissable, in the stripped back main space of the Toneelschuur. Joonas Tikannen, one of Finland’s leading visual theatre-makers, has designed a living décor of projected image which through the use of five projectors will engulf the singers and performance space.

Dan Henriksson regie
Joonas Tikkanen stage, video and light
Erika Turunen costume design
Paul Vasquez sound
Antti Silvennoinen choreografie and dance
Robert Maggio composition

Because of its unusual staging, the number of places for the three performances in Haarlem is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.


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