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The Public Domain - David Lang (Dutch première)


Peter Dijkstra


Gooseflesh All Round!

This is one of our most ambitious projects ever. Together with the Lincoln Center (New York), the London Symphony Orchestra, and Berlin Philharmonic the Choral Biënnale commissioned this piece for large community choire from the Pultzer Prize-winning composer David Lang.

Many hundreds of singers from all over the country have signed up for this huge participative project. Together with Peter Dijkstra, chief conductor of the Netherlands Chamber Choir, they form a huge but well-disciplined singing crowd, celebrating the power and cohesion of being and singing together at a time when it’s very easy to feel alone and vulnerable in the world. The Public Domainreminds city-dwellers what unites us and what we share to. In Lang’s eyes it’s a true “urban” piece, bringing singers and public together in large outdoor spaces. To stand amongst these massed voices will be an unforgettable experience
The piece is being done twice in the festival, and we’ve chosen two very different locations for the (free) performances. First of all admist the office blocks of the Zuid As in Amsterdam, and the next day in Haarlem’s Schalkwijk neighbourhood. Really not to be missed.
Conductor Peter Dijkstra
In co-production with Nederlands Kamerkoor and all the amateur singers.

The performance of The Public Domain is also on Saturday 6th July at 17 hours at Schalkwijk (Haarlem)

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