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Quartet Day


Singing In An Ensemble: Learn With Professionals

Sharpen the notes and put the dots on the i. On Sunday 30 June there are 6 (amateur) ensembles who work all day on improving voice use, ensemble technique and sound, stage performance and interpretation during the Kwartettendag.

The participating ensembles are offered a professional learning environment under the expert guidance of Mattijs van de Woerd and Jan Willem Baljet of ensemble Frommermann, vocal coach Tijs Krammer and the Damask Vocal Quartet. Attention is paid to the physical side of singing, such as: breathing technique, energy management, focus and imagination.

The result is shown by these 6 ensembles during a Presentation concert at the end of the day at 4 p.m. Tickets for this concert can only be obtained at the Philharmonie box office at € 5.50 per person PIN ONLY!

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