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Information about the Choral Biennale

The mission and vision of the Choral Biennale
Mission: The Choral Biennale gives new meaning to choral and vocal music. It does so, amongst other things, by presenting and developing contemporary, groundbreaking choral works as well as ensembles that operate at the interface of tradition and innovation, often inspired by current and social developments.

Vision: Choral and vocal music is about people and all things that they encounter in life. Choral and vocal music is the prime example of a narrative expression that can shape emotions, sensation, reflection and connection. The Choral Biennale aims to be a quality enhancing and inspiring link in the wide-ranging world of ensembles, choirs, composers and audiences. At the same time it also develops new and contemporary forms of collaboration, including ones with expressions from other arts disciplines. It intends to challenge the audience, but also invite them to sing themselves. The Choral Biennale views singing together as an important means to achieve a better world.

The team Choral Biennale
Artistic leader: Neil Wallace
Business leader: Caroline Bakker
Production Haarlem: Lidy Ettema & Fenneke Maurice
Production outdoor locations Haarlem: Antje Ehrenburg
Production Amsterdam: Erik Laarman
Office manager, choir marketing & coordination involvement projects: Marijk Kuijt
Marketing, communication & PR: job offer
Social media & Online marketing: Marleen Hiemstra
Coordination volunteers: Niek van Noppen
Design: Das Buro
Fundraising: B&D Funding

Board International Choral Biennale
Chairman: Marjolijn Vencken
Secretary/treasurer: Floris Hurts
Treasurer: Chris Abbenhuis
Member: Jurenne Hooi

Texts: Firma Fluks, Kristien Jansen & Claire Reeves
Pictures: Melle Meivogel, Onno van Amedije, Theo Out
Website construction: Bitman

Philharmonie Haarlem, City Marketing Haarlem, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Cappella Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Federatie Haarlemse Koren, Muziekinstituut St Bavo and BALK/Licht Vocaal.

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