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28 juni t/m 7 juli 2019
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Woodbirds: family concert by Wishful Singing (5+)


Wishful Singing (Nederland)
Bernd van den Bos - piano


For the youngest of early birds

Wake up with the ladies of Wishful Singing during the third Woodbirds concert. In the early morning, De Overplaats forms the perfect backdrop for the rising morning sun, lots of birds cheerfully singing their songs, squirrels that are always ready to hunt for beechnuts and lovers of vocal music. Wishful Singing will perform a family concert for the youngest of early birds (5-10 years) and their parents and grandparents too, of course.

Wishful Singing and pianist Bernd van den Bos will teach the audience the most fun songs, tongue-twisters and earworms. They will transform De Overplaats into a magical woodland filled with elephants, a Japanese temple or an American prairie, while singing the most beautiful and fun music from all over the world. And … everyone can sing along!

After the concert, lemonade and food will be provided for the children (included in the price). Coffee, juice and croissants are available at a charge.

Afterwards, the children can join the foresters for a tour of the estate.