Haarlem & Amsterdam
28 juni t/m 7 juli 2019
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Vocal sensation from the High North

Over 10 years ago the members of Rajaton from Finland and The Real Group from Sweden met during a festival in Canada. The singers of the two ensembles instantly clicked, so much so that they decided to form a new group, in addition to Rajaton and The Real Group, which they name Leveleleven. Rarely did voices mesh so well as in this vocal sensation from the High North. Their repertoire is diverse, ranging from English-language pop music to Scandinavian folk songs that form a perfect match for their typical ‘northern’ vocals. It’s with good reason that insiders have branded Leveleleven the best a cappella group in the world.

Note: It’s also possible to buy tickets for the entire Velvet Voices evening programme, including the Leveleleven concert.

Co-production with BALK, the organization for a cappella and light choral music