Haarlem & Amsterdam
28 juni t/m 7 juli 2019
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Velvet Voices SOLD OUT


Amsterdam Vocals


Velvet Voices
with grand finale by a cappella group Leveleleven

The Philharmonie will put all of its doors wide open for Velvet Voices, an evening which sees the Choral Biennale presenting swinging, light music. Velvet Voices is an absolute must for the lovers of light choral music and the perfect night out for ensembles of all sizes. Obviously, the beautiful setting of the Philharmonie will create a memorable evening. The Choral Biennale will put together this dynamic evening in collaboration with BALK, the organization for a cappella and light choral music. The audience gets the chance to enjoy four exciting, touching, daring and cheerful performances. The three vocal groups MAZE, Divina and Amsterdam Vocals are the top in this genre in the Netherlands.

And Leveleleven, the fusion of the acclaimed Finnish ensemble Rajaton and the renowned Swedish The Real Group, is the best a cappella group in the world according to insiders. Casualness is the key element of the evening. The audience members will have the opportunity to walk from one hall to the other to witness the various performances. During the break they’ll be treated to a fine glass of wine and small snacks. The concerts by the Dutch ensembles last 20 minutes. The grand finale is a performance by Leveleleven, according to insiders the world’s best a cappella group.

Before the start of their concert, members of the group will also give a workshop in the form of a short sing along.

If you buy tickets for the full eveningprogram Velvet Voices, it also includes:
- three concerts of 20 minutes by MAZE, Divina and Amsterdam Vocals
- workshop in the form of a short sing along
- drink
- concert of Levelelven

It’s also possible to only buy tickets for the Leveleleven concert at 22:00 hrs in the Small Hall. Doors open at 21:00 hrs drinks (included).

Co-production with BALK, the organization for a cappella and light choral music.