Haarlem & Amsterdam
28 juni t/m 7 juli 2019
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Heavenly Hour: Cappella Pratensis


Cappella Pratensis


Stratton Bull


Works by Pierre de la Rue, Hayne van Ghizeghem, Juan Urrede, Josquin Desprez and Nicolas Champion


Escape from the everyday humdrum

Inspired by the English Evensong (a church service held in the late afternoon) the audience is offered an alternative to the everyday humdrum. Work is put on hold, phones are switched off and people can give in to their desire for an hour of daydreaming. Cappella Pratensis is the ideal guide for this special moment and the Great or St. Bavo Church is the perfect location.

The ensemble from Den Bosch was founded in 1987 and is all about music from between 1450 and 1600. The common thread of this concert is regent Margaret of Austria (1480 – 1530). Based in Mechelen, she brought relative peace and prosperity during her reign. It was also a time when composers such as Pierre de la Rue, Josquin Deprez and Hayne van Ghizeghem flourished.

With this concert, Cappella Pratensis looks back at Margaret’s life in which songs played an important role as anchors for success, consolation and ordeals.

Concert without intermission.