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Day of the Quartets


Wishful Singing (Nederland)
Merel Martens
Damask Vocal Quartet


‘One-day singing school’ for small ensembles

On Saturday 1 July, 12 experienced amateur vocal ensembles participate in the Day of the Quartets. Under the expert direction of Merel Martens, Wishful Singing and the Damask Vocal Quartet, they will practice use of voice, ensemble techniques and sounds, stage presentation and interpretation. Armed with this new knowledge, the ensembles will get the opportunity later that day during the Courtyard Concerts to share their experience with the audience on a special stage.

The Day of the Quartets is a new initiative by the Choral Biennale, which reflects the festival’s ambition of promoting interaction and knowledge transfer between professionals and amateurs.

Registration for the Day of the Quartets has closed. The Day of the Quartets is not open to the public.

In early June we’ll announce the schedule for the Courtyard Concerts, with the performances of the participants in the Day of the Quartets as a special component.