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Courtyard Concerts


Diverse amateurkoren/-ensembles


Jointly enjoying songs at beautiful locations

The programme of the Haarlem Courtyard Concerts shows that singing is extremely popular in the Netherlands. Holland boasts the world’s highest ‘choir density’ and this was illustrated once more by the number of amateur ensembles that were eager to sign up for the Courtyard Concerts. Within a few hours after the announcement that registration had opened the Choral Biennale’s email box was flooded with messages. Of course it all worked out in the end. More than 50 amateur ensembles were invited to perform this Saturday in Haarlem’s most beautiful almshouse courtyards.

The rustic ambiance of these wonderful monuments in the centre of town creates a unique atmosphere for visitors and singers alike. In various concerts, different musical genres are highlighted, ranging from melancholy ballads to romantic chansons and from contemporary pop songs to medieval chants. Each concert lasts about half an hour and admission is free.

To top it all off, as a grand finale to the 2017 Courtyard Concerts, the renowned male ensemble The Gents will give a free concert at the Oude Groenmarkt between 17:00 and 17:30 hours.

The schedule of courtyard locations and participating ensembles will be announced in early June.