Haarlem & Amsterdam
28 juni t/m 7 juli 2019
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Ballroom Dreams


Wishful Singing (Nederland)
Ensemble Amarcord (D)


Friend ’n Fellow: Constanze Friend, zang & Thomas Fellow, gitaar
Phien en Peter Abbink - dans
Andreas Rokseth - bandoneon
Jos Groenier - ontwerp, regie
Sanne van der Put - choreograaf
Uri Rapaport - lichtontwerp
Joost Gulien - video


Wishful Singing & Ensemble Amarcord
Ballroom Dreams
Love is all around

The women of the Dutch a cappella group Wishful Singing and the men of the German Ensemble Amarcord let themselves be inspired by the ballrooms of the 20s and 30s. Dance nights where secret love affairs, social codes, an oppressive etiquette and exciting expectations went hand in hand with glitz and glamour, while the world outside of the ballroom was in turmoil.

It’s nothing new under the sun, the 20s and 30s can be transported effortlessly to our current times. Jazz, a cappella songs but also 16th century madrigals easily find their way to the stage of the Stadsschouwburg, which has been converted into a ballroom. A working version of Ballroom Dreams was presented at the Choral Biennale of 2015. The finished production had its world premiere in Rotterdam in January 2017. The audience raved about this attractive and sparkling performance, also in a visual sense. Ballroom Dreams has developed into an inspiring production that in addition to Wishful Singing and the Ensemble Amarcord features a ballroom dance couple and the two musicians of Friend ’n Fellow. Together they create an intimate, fully staged performance to enjoy!

This same performance is also on the same day at 22.00 hours.

Co-production with De Doelen Rotterdam and the A Cappella Festival Leipzig.